Wild For You by Kristen Proby

Wild For You by Kristen Proby – A Charming Montana Romance with Room for Improvement

“Wild For You” by Kristen Proby takes readers on a journey into the enchanting world of the Wild siblings, set against the rustic backdrop of Wild River Ranch. While the audiobook, narrated by Sebastian York and Emma Wilder, successfully weaves a captivating tale of Remington Wild’s single parenthood and his romance with nanny Erin Montgomery, there are some aspects that keep it from reaching a full five-star rating.

The strengths of the book lie in Proby’s ability to create a heartwarming atmosphere, the sizzling chemistry between the main characters, and the charming small-town setting of Bitterroot Valley. Sebastian York and Emma Wilder’s narration further enhances the experience, breathing life into the characters and making the audiobook enjoyable.

However, the suspense elements in the story fall short, lacking the intensity that would elevate the overall plot. The pacing issues you mentioned are evident, and these moments may detract from the seamless flow of the narrative. While the romance and family dynamics are well-developed, the suspense subplot may leave some readers wanting more complexity and depth.

Despite these criticisms, “Wild For You” remains a solid four-star read. The strengths outweigh the weaknesses, offering a delightful blend of romance, family, and small-town charm. Kristen Proby’s storytelling, combined with the exceptional narration, ensures an engaging experience. It sets a promising foundation for the Wilds of Montana series, with the hope that future installments will address pacing concerns and provide a more robust suspense element.

In conclusion, if you’re a fan of interconnected series, single dad romances, and a touch of suspense, “Wild For You” is a recommended listen, understanding that there is room for improvement in certain aspects of the narrative.

Book Stats:
Rating 4/5
Trope: Single dad, widow, nanny, close proximity , cowboy, rancher, western, suspense, stalker and kidnapping, small town, age gap  
Series Name: The Wilds of Montana Book 1  
Type of Series: Interconnected Standalone
Pop: 46%
No 3rd Act Break Up
Audio narrators if you did the audio book: Sebastian York, Emma Wilder