Ashes of You by Catherine Cowles

Ashes of You by Catherine Cowles – A Suspenseful Nanny Single Dad Romance

In “Ashes of You” by Catherine Cowles, Police Chief Lawson Hartley, also involved in search and rescue missions, finds himself reconnecting with Hallie, a survivor of a harrowing kidnapping. Fast forward five years, and Hallie becomes the nanny for Lawson’s three kids, all while a lurking psycho killer remains at large, much closer than expected.

The strongest aspects of the book lie in the gripping suspense and Hallie’s heartwarming connection with the kids, showcasing Cowles’ ability to craft engaging relationships. The unforeseen twist in the identity of the villain adds an intriguing layer to the plot.

However, the romantic chemistry between Lawson and Hallie falls short, leaving the relationship feeling somewhat lackluster. The storyline, though entertaining, follows a familiar pattern seen in Cowles’ other works. The resistance from Lawson due to a past relationship adds depth, but the plot feels repetitive, with certain elements seemingly copied and pasted from the author’s previous books.

Ava Erickson and Sebastian York deliver a solid performance in the audiobook, enhancing the overall experience. While “Ashes of You” is an enjoyable read with suspenseful moments, the predictability and repetitive nature might leave readers craving something fresh and innovative from the author.

Book Stats:
Rating 3.5/4
Series Lost and Found Series
Type- Interconnected Standalones
Tropes: Close Proximity, Single Dad, nanny, 1st responder, small town, Rescue, Damsel in distress, Romantic Suspense, slow burn, age- gap 
No 3rd act break up
POP: 68%  
Audio narrators: Ava Erickson, Sebastian York