Ep 192 Building Forever Bonds the Magic of Found Family

Today’s episode is all about the magic of Found Family in the world of romance novels. So, buckle up, as we embark on a journey through the pages of novels where love extends far beyond romantic entanglements. Get ready for heartwarming tales, unforgettable characters, and the joy of discovering that sometimes, family is not just something we’re born into, but something we find along the way. Love knows no bounds, and neither does the family we choose.  

Define Found Family-  
Elements we expect to see in found family-  
Would you consider (book recs that are found family)  

  • Sports romance/ Teams found family?  
  • Romantic Suspense when it is a “team” or Security Force?  
  • Group of co-workers  
  • Rockstars (band)  
  • Shared space- sex club, wedding planner,  
  • Do you think DNA family series can have found family elements? Or is that different? (examples – Wilder Brothers by Carrie Ann Ryan)  

Romance Term of the Week-   “Black Romance” typically refers to romance novels or stories that center around Black characters and explore their experiences, relationships, and cultural backgrounds. It is a subgenre of romance literature that focuses on characters of African descent.   If one of the characters is biracial it would be referred to “multicultural romance” or “interracial romance” to encompass stories featuring characters from different racial backgrounds.   Because the focus is heavy on the experience of the character you should seek out stories written by someone who has the same experience.  The key is for the story to be respectful, authentic, and well-crafted in its portrayal of characters and relationships.  

Books that qualify as Black Romance.  

  • Fumbled by Alexa Martin 
  • The Neighbor Favor by  Kristina Forest 
  • Reel by Kennedy Ryan  
  • Holding by Alexandria House 
  • Inevitable Seductions by Christina C Jones  
  • The Hookup Plan (The Boyfriend Project, #3) by Farrah Rochon 

Book of the Week

Quote of the week
“The end of you and Becca was the minute you slipped a ring on another woman’s finger.” I don’t tell him that I never slipped anything on anyone. I don’t tell them anything because the only person who is going to get my truth is Becca.

Books Mentioned this Episode


Down & Dirty  by Tracy Wolff (Down & Dirty)
Gold Hockey & Breakers Hockey by Elise Faber
Philadelphia Bulldogs by Danica Flynn
Hashtag series by Cambria Herbert 
Boston’s Hawks by Gina Azzi 
Arizona Vengeance by Sawyer Bennett

Romantic Suspense:

707 by Riley Edwards
Fury Brothers by Anna Hackett
Project Arma by Nyssa Kathryn
Men of Haven by Rhenna Morgan
Alaskan Security: Team Rogue by Jemma Westbrook
Black Knights by Julie Ann Walker


Reynolds Restoration by Melanie Moreland
Elite Security by Jennifer Hanks
Synergy series by Michelle McCraw 
Vested Interest/ABC Corp by Melanie Moreland


Next of Kin by Hannah Bonam Young
Her Favorite Jack-o-lantern by Rebecca Rennick
Carolina Classics by Karen Grey
Before Series by Aurora Rose Reynolds
Underground Kings Series by AAR
Phoenix Series by Stacey Kennedy  
Where Waves Break by Julia Wolf
Beautifully Broken Pieces by Catherine Cowles 
Butterfly Bayou by Lexi Blake
Nanny Love Match by Krista Sandor
Mixed Tapes by Brittainy Cherry
Knitting in the City Series by Penny Reid
From the Embers by Aly Martinez
Blood and Bones Series by Jeanne St. James
Eon Warriors & Galactic Gladiators by Anna Hackett
Ice Planet Barbarians by Ruby Dixon
Savage Kings MC by Lane Hart


Industrial November by Ofelia Martinez
Rockstar by Lauren Rowe
Hold Me Series by Aly Stiles  
The Lilys series by Xio Axelrod
Falling Stars Series by AL Jackson

Shared Space: 

Next of Kin by Hannah Bonam Young 
The Bride Quartet by Nora Roberts

College Friends: 

The Ladies Who Brunch by Harlow James
The Tuesday Club by Lulu Moore

DNA family with Found Family Elements:

The Oil Knights by Marie Johnston

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