Meant for Stone | Natasha Madison

Upon diving into Made for Romeo by Natasha Madison and encountering Ryleigh, I couldn’t help but fall in love with her exceptional quick wit, intelligence, and drive. She deserved a partner who appreciated her for all her amazing qualities rather than her family’s reputation, a tall order considering her upbringing. Stone Richards, however, defied my expectations and proved himself more than worthy. Despite Ryleigh keeping her heart guarded like Fort Knox, Stone, an alpha cinnamon roll, fell hard and fast for her.

Stone’s dedication to Ryleigh was evident through his thoughtful dates and unwavering presence, despite the challenges posed by their schedules and geographical distance. The chemistry between Stone and Ryleigh was fiery and intense, with Natasha Madison expertly crafting steamy and captivating moments. Stone’s openness about his emotions contrasted with Ryleigh’s guarded nature, adding depth to their dynamic.

The book not only delivers a sizzling romance but also features cameos from beloved characters and showcases the unyielding support of the older men in the family. The banter between Evan, Zara’s parents, is a delightful addition, contributing to the charm of the Stone/Grant/Horton/Petrov family. For fans of interconnected series with plenty of banter, familial involvement, and steamy scenes, this book is a must-read!

BOOK STATS: Rating: 5 Stars
POV: First-person dual POV
POP: 39%

Series: Book #1 in the Meant For series

Type of Series: Interconnected
Tropes: Enemies to lovers, secret relationship, long distance, hockey romance, boss babe, Hollywood family, family series

Release Date: 2/26/24
Available on Kindle Unlimited!

Meant for Stone Book Cover