Random Reviews- Poolside edition.

Give me warm days by the pool and watch me clear my ARC clutter.

So I am trying to catch up on arcs. Back in March I randomly requested a bunch of galley’s from Netgalley. Over the last few days I have been doing my best to clear the 20 some I have. So here are 3. All of these release in June of 2023.

The Bachelor by Marni Mann  
Rating: 2/5

I  was really disappointing in this book. I liked Camden in the previous books in this series and I  was very excited for this book.  I  am also a big fan of a virgin trope promise type romance.  This one just did not make sense at all.  Oakley was sweet and deserved so much more.  This book was a ride the ended in nothing but spice.  This couple went from  0-100 with no proper character development whatsoever. I  do not think this connection between the characters was more than just physical.  I  was very disappointed in this story.  It is Erotica more than romance.  It lacked swoon and character development. I  don’t even think these two are in a HFN situation.   

Let’s talk about the narrators.   Ramona Master, Walker Williams these two were fantastic.  Had their voices not entranced me I  would have given up on this book. Their quality of narration and storytelling was fantastic. I  would listen to the two of them over and over again. They truly saved this story.  

Playing for Keeps by Tristen Crone
Rating 3.5/5  

If you’re seeking a comforting and easy-to-read romance, this book is a delightful choice. I particularly adored the characters’ shared passion for gaming and their distinct professions, which added a refreshing touch. It’s refreshing because romance novels often fall into repetitive patterns, but this one stands out. 

This was an instant connection romance and done really well. I love instant connection and this totally worked for me.  

Once Sebastian and Farren met, their relationship progressed rapidly, accompanied by a few time jumps. The pacing of the story and the time jumps did make it hard to be full into their connection or the intensity of their emotions for each other. 

Nonetheless, I truly enjoyed the characters themselves, the length of the chapters, the individual journeys they embarked on (not solely revolving around each other), and the overarching theme of board games and gaming.  

If you’re seeking a quick read and you appreciate stories with instant love, then this book could be just what you’re looking for!  

You’ve Been Served by Kristen Alicia 
Rating 3/5

You’ve Been Served was a whimsical and entertaining quality that keeps readers engaged. 

The entire plot revolves around the protagonist relying on a magic 8 ball to shape and dictate her future. It’s undeniably unrealistic and filled with random occurrences.  
Simone decides to give law school a shot. Before she knows it, she’s found herself in Michigan, spending a hefty sum of $2000 on textbooks. Amidst the chaos of her first semester, Simone crosses paths with Silas, and an unexpected romance begins to blossom. Juggling the demands of law school and her growing feelings for Silas becomes quite the challenge. It’s intriguing to catch a glimpse of the law school experience, and I appreciated the strong bonds formed among the female characters, as they supported and uplifted each other. The dynamic between Professor Patton and Simone was a highlight for me as well. 

This book wins on the fluffy light side of reading. The sheer entertainment value of the book was its redeeming quality.  

All in all, as a debut novel, this book offers a welcome escape from reality and delivers an enjoyable reading experience for me.  I think the nature of a rom com can make it hard to see deep character growth.  I did encounter some instances where I had to backtrack a few pages, feeling like I may have missed something due to inconsistencies in the narrative. Additionally, the ending felt abrupt, leaving me longing for more details and closure. I would read this simply for the whimsy and the fun of the story.    

I received a copies of these books in exchange for an honest review