The Enforcer | Avery Keelan

We meet Violet and Nash the first night they meet during freshman year of college. We pick up their story as they begin their senior year, and a lot has happened.  While the full extent of their relationship and breakup was not fully hashed through, we get the gist of just how broken they were without each other.  

Nash, a college athlete, works hard and has a goal of reaching the NHL.  That is his main focus.  He pushes himself past injuries and from an outsider he pushes himself almost too much.  So he definitely doesn’t have time for his ex-girlfriend, Violet, to come crashing back into his life.  He really is such a conundrum, and even as readers we don’t get the full scope of Nash until Violet is able to slowly but surely chip away at him.  Nash is such a damaged hero, and works so hard to keep his worlds separate and not taint the perfection of Violet.  

Violet is a driven, kind and super smart heroine that is working to become an athletic trainer, and scored the coveted internship with her men’s college hockey team.  Violet on the outside looks like your sweet innocent college girl, and most of the time she is, but Nash brings out something else in her.  And as much as she might now want a reminder of that time in her life, she hasn’t been able to find it since.  

I adored reading this pair rekindle their old romance.  I was cheering for them from the start.  Even though Nash comes across gruff and a little off putting he really does have a heart of gold, and just needs to let people in…..and permanently remove others from his life.  Although this is a college romance, there are a lot of big issues at play and the pair needs to navigate them and make big decisions.  I really loved their banter, and relationship.  I also enjoyed how much hockey really played a role in both of their lives, and it seemed extremely realistic for a division I player that has been drafted.  If you enjoy second chance romances, an awesome friend group, and some seriously steamy encounters then this needs to be on your TBR list. This was my first book by Avery Keelan, but it will not be my last!