Grayson & Hartley |Mackenzy Fox & Dakotah Fox

Grayson and Hartley have one amazing night with each other in New York…it was only supposed to be one night.  But they are drawn to one another.   Hartley is an accomplished lawyer that is at a crossroads in her career and decides to take a leap of faith to move closer to family.  Grayson is in the midst of divorce and is moving back to his hometown to be closer to family and their family business.  

Hartley is so kind but a little unsure of herself.  She has also seemed to play second fiddle to her brother, and is always trying to prove herself…not only to her dad but herself.  I love how Grayson saw her and loved her exactly for who she was.  He never wanted to change her, just wanted to stand next to her and admire her brains, beauty and kindness.  Grayson comes across so gruff, and definitely life has jaded him.  He loves the push pull especially with his brothers….and best friend. But then he meets Hartley and he falls head over heels so quickly! I love how she just embraced him for who he was and let him be open, and pour out his heart and soul to her.  When Grayson and Hartley make the decision to go all in, they do just that.  They build a beautiful relationship and love that is evident to those around them! 

Sometimes world building can be hard, but I thoroughly enjoyed the introduction to the Bassett family, the family distillery and their hometown of Stoney Creek, Tennessee. The Bassett family is amazing, dynamic and full of amazing characters! I loved the relationship that they all had with each other and the fun banter! They are the epitome of what a small town should be! I felt like we got just enough of each of the siblings that I am eagerly awaiting all of their stories and to view Grayson and Hartley from another perspective!  Looking forward to the next book in this series!