Dead in the Water by Julie Ann Walker

POV: 3rd Person Multi
PoP: 64%
Trope: Widower; Second Chance; Characters in Peril; Slow Burn
Series: The Deep Six (Book 6)
Type of Series:   Series with overarching storyline and must be read in order.
Rate: 4/5 Stars
Release Date: 6/28/2022

I have been waiting for Doc’s story since we met him in book 1.  You know that he is going to have a heartbreaking back story because of the way he holds himself apart from relationship.  However, I didn’t love his reasoning for not moving on.  I understood but thought he was being a little selfish about it.  Cami has been through the ringer in recent months.  You just want everything to work out for her.  Doc and Cami have an intense connection, a missed opportunity, and have been antagonistic towards each other since then. 

Doc is trying to keep her at arm’s length and Cami is trying to burrow in without being obvious about it.  Julie Ann Walker continues her timeline of hours, and it works well in this series.  It goes without saying that there will be moments of suspense because of the nature of the series, but there are light moments mixed in.  You get a true sense of family when it comes to the members of the team and can see why they have worked well together over the years.  We come into this book knowing that they have found the treasure that they have been looking for, and the consequences of that. 

Cami and Doc go through a gambit of ups and downs, but they come out extremely strong in the end.  And Walker rounds up the series with an epilogue that show exactly where all of these wonderful couples have landed.  This is an extremely compelling series that I will not hesitate to revisit.