Aldo by Melanie Moreland

Aldo: A Riveting Mafia Romance by Melanie Moreland

Aldo Book Cover

Embark on a thrilling journey through the Niagara Falls underworld with Melanie Moreland’s latest release, “Aldo.” As the right hand to Roman Costas, Aldo Ricci, known for loyalty and solitude, has his world shattered when Violet Nelson walks in, an unexpected and alluring force of change.

Violet becomes the catalyst for Aldo’s transformation, blending humor and angst in their dynamic. As Aldo grapples with desire and Violet fearlessly challenges him, an unexpected twist unfolds—redemption, adding depth to the narrative.

“Aldo” stands out for its blend of humor, steamy romance, and exploration of family dynamics within the Niagara Falls mafia underworld. Aldo and Roman, portrayed as more human and caring than initially perceived, unravel a love story with both heat and heart.

Roman’s presence steals the show, exposing a tender side mirroring Aldo’s internal conflict. Despite their claims of love incapability, Aldo, Roman, and Violet navigate a sibling-sequel love, adding layers to the narrative.

The narrative is a delightful mix of fun, steaminess, and an exploration of hope, love, and family. Moreland keeps readers engaged, especially in moments where justice is served. The anticipation for Roman’s journey and the one capturing his heart adds excitement to the experience.

In conclusion, “Aldo” delivers a thrilling mafia romance, skillfully combining humor, steam, and heartfelt emotions. A must-read for genre enthusiasts, capturing love’s complexities in unexpected places and setting the stage for an eagerly awaited continuation with Roman.

Please Note Read Epilogue and Outtakes!

Book Stats:
Rating 4/5
Series: Men of the Falls Book 1
Tropes: Mafia, instant connection, sex toys, OTP,
No 3rd Act Break Up
CW: Violence on page, attempted assault