Meant for Stone by Natasha Madison

Swoon-Worthy Romance: “Meant for Stone” by Natasha Madison

Meant for Stone Cover

Embark on an emotional journey of love and determination in Natasha Madison’s latest release, “Meant for Stone.” Stone Richards, the over-the-top swoony hero, encounters Riley, a smart and determined prosecutor in Chicago, sparking an instant connection that defies all expectations.

Stone, initially focused on surpassing family records in the game, finds his world upended by Riley. Natasha Madison skillfully captures Stone’s transformation from a man with no time for distractions to one rearranging priorities for love.

Riley, a district attorney with a clear vision, navigates her demanding career in Chicago, providing depth to her character amidst Hollywood’s phonies. Madison portrays Riley’s strength, making her a relatable and admirable heroine.

The story blends passion and obstacles as Stone and Riley navigate their instant connection, overcoming challenges of distance and demanding schedules. Madison crafts a narrative that keeps readers hooked, anticipating the characters’ journey to a happily ever after.

“Meant for Stone” is a spin-off from the Hollywood Playboy & This Is Crazy series, seamlessly integrated by Natasha Madison. Stone and Riley’s love story, both heartwarming and steamy, is a must-read for fans of instant connection romances.

The palpable chemistry between Stone and Riley, expertly captured by Madison’s writing style, is a testament to the transformative power of love. “Meant for Stone” delivers on its promise of an over-the-top swoony hero and a smart, determined heroine.

In conclusion, Natasha Madison proves once again why she is a go-to author, skillfully blending passion, emotion, and a happily ever after in “Meant for Stone.”

Book Stats:
Rating 4/5
Series: Meant For Book 1
Tropes: Hockey Romance, Instant Connection, Family series, Long distance Relationship, Sex toys,
3rd act break up
Pop: 40%