Alpha Mountain: Rebel | Renee Rose & Vanessa Vale

Hayes and Megan have an instant connection, and they are fire together. When Hayes thinks he is ready for more, and Megan is just down for friends with benefits he works hard to worm his way into her heart.  Megan really wants nothing to do with men or relationships.  As we learn more about this tough law enforcement officer we understand.  Megan has forged her own way, and made a life for herself where she grew up.  Hayes, now living with his found family from the military, is drawn to this feisty strong woman and will stop at nothing to get her.  When the past sweeps in and works hard to destroy everything for Megan and Hayes he does not give up.  He just keeps showing up for her, which is something she has never had.  I honestly was feeling a little bad for Hayes because he really wanted more, and was just the sweetest. And 100% alpha male all the way.  You will find yourself  adding him to your book boyfriend list. Vale and Rose also introduced us to more of the Alpha Mountain team.  And I loved how much Ford’s grandma Mrs. L’s role in the team and each of their lives.  I definitely need more of her! One of the best things about this series so far is the team, and I especially enjoy how “mission focused” the books have been thus far.  While we get a fair amount of the Alpha Mountain team it truly is focused on the couple, the building of their relationship and how hard they work for their HEA! 

If you enjoy romantic suspense, a team full of hot ex-military characters, a found family, small town, and some seriously steamy on page action this book and series is a must read for you!