Switch Hitter | E.M Lindsey

I love when a prologue pulls you in and you aren’t sure of the journey the author is taking you on.  Pietro is coming off a bad break up and in desperate need of a lot of things, but a personal chef is at the top of that list.  When I tell you that Pietro is a disaster, I mean it in the most loving way possible.  He is a successful professional baseball player, and struggles with some executive functioning skills. Peitro has a giant heart and is very very lonely.  He sees those around him in love and he is so ready for that.  

Thierry is in Colorado rehabbing from a life altering injury and working to get his life back on the rails.  He has built a solid group of friends, and is working hard at his rehab to gain more independence.  While in Colorado he begins to chase his dream of being a chef and starts out as a personal chef.  He just didn’t realize he applied for a job with his Ex best friends, Ex.  He is determined to make a life in Colorado that makes him happy.  

With Pietro and Thierry having a lot of history some might think that fact alone may stop them from forming a healthy relationship, but it isn’t as weird as it might sound it brings them together.  They both suffered in a relationship with a toxic person, and they both strive to become better and learn from their pasts. 

What I enjoyed most about these two is that they are both flawed characters working hard to become better versions of themselves, and they were both very relatable.  Lindsey did a phenomenal job of taking very serious topics and handling them with care while also allowing the reader to see exactly how the characters are impacted daily due to either injury or another diagnosis. I also appreciated how Pietro and Thierry’s relationship was also not based solely on a physical connection, they built a friendship that readers can tell will go the distance.  I absolutely adored this book and these characters.  This was my first E.M Lindsey book, but it will not be my last!