Review: Score Big by Kelly Jamieson

Rating: 4/5
Series: Bears Hockey
Tropes: Hockey, Single Dad, Close Proximity, Nanny Romance,
Pop: 20%

I am always a fan of Kelly Jamieson’s hockey romances. Scoring Big gives us all the part of hockey romance that I love. The friends and team dynamic. The hard work that comes with being a pro-athlete. What it takes to balance dating and hockey.  

Nate and Carly are a great couple. I loved their meet cute and love of Strawberry Cheese Cake Ice Cream. I really liked how Carly challenged Nate. Nate is forced to look at how he interacts in the world around him, as a pro athlete and girl dad.  

Nate and Carly are such well thought out characters. I am always a fan close proximity and the look but can’t touch kind of vibes. This was a fast read and the right amount of spice to keep the romance and story going. If you love a hockey romance you should absolutely be reading this.  

I am super excited about the ending and can not wait to see what comes with the NYC Bears team.