Stunner by Jessica Prince

POV: Dual 1st Person
PoP: 74%
Tropes: Slow Burn; Jilted Bride; Floof in Charge; Best Friends Ex; Small Town; Enemies to Lovers
Series: Whiskey Dolls book 3
Type of Series: series of standalones
Rate:  3.5/5 Stars
Release Date: Sept. 26, 2022

This book opens with Asher, our heroine, in a rough bar drowning her sorrows, but not in the way in which you think.  Owen, the best friend of her runaway fiancé, has had a thing for Asher since they met, but Jackson got to her first.  

Owen hasn’t always treated Asher the best, but it was his way of masking his feelings, so she thinks he doesn’t like her at all.  Asher almost felt pressured to move her life forward in the way in which it was but being left shows her that the life that was happening, wasn’t the one she wanted.

Owen is such a nice guy, who will lay down anything for his sister and his niece (who is adorable) and Asher starts to see just how nice he truly is.  This book is well written, and has a suspense element that I really enjoyed, but what truly shines in this book are 1, the side characters, and 2 the natural flow of their relationship.  Neither truly needed to grow from where they started, they just needed to come around to some truths that are right in front of them.  I always enjoy Prince’s writing, but I gave a 3.5 because for some reason, the last 3 books that I have read, there have been issues with character names.  While this may not bother people, there is a genuine issue for me, when an author can’t get character names correct.