De-Café Review of Rock Star Romeo

Jace Logan- Reclusive  Rock Star and Lead Singer of the Dark Wings.  

Eva D’Agolino- Business Manager and Talent Handler at the Record Label that reps Dark Wings.  Former Wife of a rock star.  Mom of twin teen boys. 

This was such a great Rock Star Romance.  It was different in that Eva had one foot in the music world while also being just a normal single mom.  Jace has one foot outside the music world it is not all consuming for him.  Both characters are in the 30’s this gives them both different perspectives to the lives they live.  I liked that they were older and more thoughtful in their choices.  This story deals with some past hurts, both need to mend fences so that nothing is standing in their way to their HEA.  However, Eva does stand in her own way in this story.  Jace is all in. 

This was a 4/5 read for me.  I really liked the characters and the world building happening here.  I hope Jace’s band mate Kurt will get his own story. This was a quick and easy read.  Looking for a little romance and a swoony Rockstar, I would recommend Rock Star Romeo.

*** This Cocky Hero Club Offering takes place in the world of the Stuck Up Suit. Soraya and Eva are cousins.