Review: Stranger Than Fan Fiction by Piper Sheldon

Rating: 4.5/5   Unlucky in Love Book 1

Charles Downing feels like he is a washed up childhood actor with little to give the world. As he tries to find a more normal life he does the one thing no one with a media presence should, Googles himself. This leads him to the world of fanfiction, including ones based on the show TerraFormative. The very show he essentially grew up on. One fanfiction author seems to stand out not only because she features Charles’ former character, Freddy, but because of her talent. Charlie reaches out to Kate Dubois via the fanfiction site and they soon begin an email relationship that occupies both of their minds. 

The hidden identity tropes can make me anxious as I wait for the truth to be revealed. Oftentimes, it just feels unnecessarily drawn out. However, I think Piper did it in a unique way that held true for both the characters. Charlie is dealing  with both his past and present, including how to be okay with his best self currently. Kate was a relatable character as well as she struggled with what others expected and what she truly wanted. 

I love relationships that grow over a distance as they have to rely more on emotions and communication. This book dealt with a few heavy things, but the angst never overshadowed the comedy. It was a perfect balance. The idea of incorporating fanfiction into a romance book is so genuine to the community as so many authors and readers start there. The side characters are all different and leave us hoping for upcoming books. So who will be next, Emma or Harrison?