Review: Hidden Waters by Catherine Cowles

Rating: 5/5  PoP: 58%  Tattered and Torn #3

Addie Kemper has experienced some of the worst things in life. She is trying to make a life for herself away from the abusive community she grew up in, even if she is still in the same town. Beckett Easton has seen pain as a doctor and as part of a family that experienced a great trauma. He has returned to Wolf Gap to face his mistakes and grow his own roots. Addie and Beckett find themselves sharing a home as they prepare for their own futures, but soon it is apparent those futures are together. 

Addie is such a strong and resilient character. She has been literally beaten and broken. She believes everyone good in her life will leave her, but still she knows she has worth. She is determined to stand on her own but as she does so she learns the importance of support. Beckett is a good combination of sweet and protective. He has willingly given of himself to help those in need for years and continues to do so in Wolf Gap. He is not perfect but he is willing to learn and adapt to be the perfect partner for Addie. 

This book is nonstop. Everytime I thought the characters would get a second to breathe and enjoy life, something else would happen. As scary as Addie’s past is, we all know those that are in similar situations or ideologies. I love that not only is Addie’s future protected but several other people are freed from abuse as well. The Easton family is a strong force in Wolf Gap and I am ready to hear all of their stories.