Steel | Anna Hackett

Killian “Steel” Hawke worked hard to make a name for himself and build a successful business like Stentinal Security.  He is always the guy that puts others before himself, and we all love him for it, but really wanted him to have someone to take care of him and put him first.  

Devyn “Hellfire” Hayden has always worked alone.  She likes it that way, she doesn’t like to rely on people because they always let her down.  Devyn has shown us before that she has a big heart, and like to tell herself that she isn’t interested in having love of her own. 

When danger comes looking for Killian and Devyn they try to work together to bring the enemy down.  Well, work together as much as two stubborn, cagey, and fiercely independent former and current agents can! These two cracked me up.  They had an instant connection and were drawn together at such a base level.  Hackett did an amazing job showing readers how hard it was for Killian to be out of control of things, especially when Devyn was in the mix.  This woman did things to him that no other woman has done before.  The sexual tension between this pair was OFF THE CHARTS.  And so amazing. This book was a perfect mix of Killian & Devyn but also focused on the mission.  While the Sentinel team played an intrical part of the book, it really focused on Steel & Hellfire.  If you love a security team that is spicy, heavy on the mission, and an epic team then this whole entire series is perfect for you! I adored Killian and Devyn…..and of course, Hackett left us wanting more and more of this amazing Sentinel team!