Atlas: Mike Bravo | Eden Finley

When I tell you that you are not ready for Atlas, I mean it.  He absolutely surprised me but in the best way ever.  To boot he is working as a bartender undercover and the way the uniform is described had me wanting to book a flight to Cali to check out this club.  This man has a giant heart, but he also isn’t without his flaws. 

Then there is Lemon.  Oh my goodness.  He is a natural caretaker…to his detriment.  Because who is really there for him? 

Atlas and Lemon are a little bit of an unlikely pair.  Lemon is outgoing and likes to be the center of attention, while Atlas is happy being a little bit of a wallflower and observing.  Atlas has his life together, he has a great family, great friends, enough money to live comfortably but he is missing out on a partner to share his life with.  But when a mission puts Lemon literally at center stage for Atlas he has a really difficult time not seeing just how amazing Lemon is.  While some might feel like this was a slow burn there was so much sexual tension…darn Atlas for making us all wait.  But I think Lemon would agree…it was absolutely worth the wait! 

If the Pretty Woman references don’t get you it’s the protectiveness of Atlas and the adorableness that these two balance each other out.  Atlas is ultra protective and Lemon is a little bit of a free spirit.   When characters completely surprise me, but in all the best ways it makes me fall even further in love with them.  The Mike Bravo team also does not disappoint with their shenanigans- which reminded me why this group is one of my favorite found families out there!  If you love some seriously snarky hilarious banter, sexual tension, a found family, with a little suspense thrown in, this book and series is perfect for you!