Ep 155: Power of Sisterhood

On this episode of Buzzing about Romance Becky is joined by Leah and Carolina as they talk about the power of friendship in a Girl Gangs. 

Questions we pose in this episodes

  • What is a Girl Gang
  •  Just because the series is a friend group does that always mean it is a Girl Gang?   
  • How much does the girl’s connection and friend group must be in the story for it to count as a girl gang 
  • What are you looking for-  it to be a true girl gang  
  • Sisters- automatic Girl Gang?   
  • What types of books or series do you expect to see a girl gang in?  
  • What happens when you want a supporting character to get an HEA or be brought into the girl gang and it doesn’t happen.   
  • Do you have to love every character involved in this group? 
  • Does that throw the dynamic of the girl gang off? 
  • When I say this series has a great girl gang- what are your expectations. 
  • Series of books that have a great and supportive girl gang  

Book of the Week  

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List of Books mentioned in this Episode

Carolina’s Girl Gang Titles
  • Arizona Vengence by Sawyer Bennett 
  • Boston Hawks by Gina Azzi 
  • Club Sin by Stacey Kennedy  
  • Desired (book 3) – other girls help couple deepen their connection 
  • The Ladies Who Brunch by Harlow James 
  • Hope Valley by Jessica Prince 
  • Harmony Point by Melissa Foster  
  • Cowboy Classified/Cowboys of Moss Creek by Janice Whitacker 
Leah’s Girl Gang Titles
  • Riley Edwards – No specific series mentioned
  • Susan Stoker – No specific series mentioned
  • Lexi Ryan – Orchid Valley
  • Aurora Rose Reynolds – Her until Series
  • JE Parker – Redeeming Love Series
Becky’s Girl Gang Titles
  • Men of Haven by Rhenna Morgan
  •  Maya Banks KGI
  • Stacey Kennedy Club Phoenix
  • Wilder Brothers by Carrie Ann Ryan
  • The Burke Brothers by Emma Hart
  • Boston Hawks by Gina Azzi
  • Pucked/ All In by Helena Hunting
  • Nanny Love Match Series by Krista Sandor
  • Bennett Family by Layla Hagen
  • Falls Creek by Maggie Gates
  • From Manhattan with Love Series by Sarah Morgan
  • Pittsburgh Titans by Sawyer Bennett
  • Sex, Love & Stiletto by Lauren Layne
  • Italian Stallions by Mari Carr

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