Series Guide to Pittsburgh Titans by Sawyer Bennett- Part 2

This is part 2 of a series guide to the Pittsburgh Titans by Sawyer Bennett.

Explore the Pittsburgh Titans Series, a gripping Pro Hockey saga set in Pittsburgh, PA. In this guide, I’ll walk you through books 7-12 of this ongoing series, perfect for fans of sports romances. With 12 thrilling installments, it’s a must-read for both newbies and longtime enthusiasts of Sawyer Bennett’s medium-spice hockey romances.

Join the action-packed world of the Pittsburgh Titans, where sparks fly on and off the ice. Sawyer Bennett, known for her dynamic storytelling, creates a diverse mix of tropes and characters in each book, ensuring an immersive read.

Notably, the Pittsburgh Titans Series spins off from Bennett’s popular Arizona Vengeance Series, showcasing her skillful storytelling. Against the backdrop of tragedy, the series unfolds with the devastating loss of the entire Pittsburgh Titans team in a fatal plane crash after an away game, leaving only three players to carry on the legacy.

Although reading this series in order isn’t necessary, each book builds upon the previous story, with recurring characters making appearances. Consider it an interconnected standalone experience.


Book 7
instant connection, hockey romance. girl gang, Sports romance, opposites attract

In “Hendrix” by Sawyer Bennett, Hendrix embraces his second chance at life and finds himself drawn to Stevie Kisner, a bar owner with a fierce personality. Their electric chemistry and entertaining banter highlight their undeniable connection as their relationship evolves. Stevie’s vulnerabilities reveal her capacity for love despite occasional naivety, while both characters undergo growth throughout the narrative. Narrators Tor Thom and CJ Bloom enhance the audiobook experience with their balanced performances. “Hendrix” is an enchanting sports romance that combines sparkling banter, sizzling chemistry, and a whirlwind of love, sure to captivate fans of the series and romance enthusiasts alike.



Book 8
Tropes: Hockey Romance, Single Parent, Single Mom, Second chance at love, Widow, close proximity, emotional trauma,

In “Camden” by Sawyer Bennett, we follow Camden Poe, a survivor of a tragic plane crash that took the lives of his teammates. Camden struggles with survivor’s guilt and buried emotions, until he reunites with Danica Brandt, the widow of one of his fallen teammates. Their unexpected bond deepens as they navigate their complex feelings and the unspoken “bro” code. With skilled narration by Aaron Shedlock and Savannah Peachwood in the audiobook version, “Camden” is a touching romance that explores themes of love, loss, and resilience, making it a captivating read for romance enthusiasts and a memorable addition to the Pittsburgh Titans Series.

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Book 9
Tropes: Tropes: One Night stand, Hockey, Accidental pregnancy, Friends with Benefits, forbidden, team mate’s sister,

In “Bain” by Sawyer Bennett, the ninth book in the Pittsburgh Titans Series, Bain Hillridge, the team’s newest member, finds himself drawn to Keira McGinn, the sister of the star goalie, in a sizzling sports romance. Their initial friends-with-benefits arrangement soon becomes more complex as they navigate their feelings and reservations about commitment. Bennett skillfully develops their characters, portraying their growth and transformation as they move from casual encounters to a genuine relationship. With engaging dialogue and a captivating storyline, “Bain” offers readers a compelling and addictive romance within the world of the Pittsburgh Titans.



Book 10
Trope: Marriage in Crisis, Second chance romance, Sports Romance, Hockey Romance

“Van2” by Sawyer Bennett explores the complexities of Van Turner and Simone Fournier’s marriage, thrusting them into an emotional whirlwind when Van’s troubled past resurfaces. As Van grapples with his family history, Simone remains steadfast in her love and determination to save their relationship. Bennett expertly crafts a tale of resilience and second chances, brimming with raw emotion and undeniable chemistry. This standalone novel is a captivating read, perfect for fans of passionate romance with well-drawn characters and gripping storytelling.



Book 11
Tropes: Close Proximity, Friends to lovers, Slow Burn, Sports Romance,
CW: This book deals with cancer and end of life choices, alcoholism. The author has a full list of CW on her website.

“Boone” by Sawyer Bennett is a heartwarming tale of love and resilience that extends beyond the hockey rink. Boone Rivers, a hockey player with a big heart, and Lilly Hoffman, facing her brother’s cancer battle, find solace and love in each other’s company. Their slow-burning romance, filled with genuine kindness and strength, unfolds authentically, showcasing the power of human connection in difficult times. While the audiobook’s narration might not suit everyone, the ebook offers a fantastic reading experience. “Boone” adds a poignant touch to the Pittsburgh Titans Hockey Series, leaving readers with a message of hope and enduring love.



Book 12
Tropes: Second Chance, Sports Romance, After sports, OTP, Unexpected Protector, Slow Burn,

Sawyer Bennett’s “Callum” is a captivating tale set in the world of the Pittsburgh Titans, focusing on the rekindled romance between Callum and Juniper. Against a backdrop of redemption and self-discovery, the story unfolds with gripping intensity as the characters navigate past regrets and overprotectiveness. Bennett’s skillful storytelling and well-developed characters make for a compelling read, exploring themes of second chances, love, and resilience. With an emotionally charged audiobook narrated by Jason Clark and Lessa Lamb, “Callum” is a must-read that leaves a lasting impression of hope and the enduring power of true love.


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