Series Guide to Pittsburgh Titans by Sawyer Bennett

This is part 1 of a series guide to the Pittsburgh Titans by Sawyer Bennett.

Explore the Pittsburgh Titans Series, a gripping Pro Hockey saga set in Pittsburgh, PA. In this guide, I’ll walk you through books 1-6 of this ongoing series, perfect for fans of sports romances. With 12 thrilling installments, it’s a must-read for both newbies and longtime enthusiasts of Sawyer Bennett’s medium-spice hockey romances.

Join the action-packed world of the Pittsburgh Titans, where sparks fly on and off the ice. Sawyer Bennett, known for her dynamic storytelling, creates a diverse mix of tropes and characters in each book, ensuring an immersive read.

Notably, the Pittsburgh Titans Series spins off from Bennett’s popular Arizona Vengeance Series, showcasing her skillful storytelling. Against the backdrop of tragedy, the series unfolds with the devastating loss of the entire Pittsburgh Titans team in a fatal plane crash after an away game, leaving only three players to carry on the legacy.

Although reading this series in order isn’t necessary, each book builds upon the previous story, with recurring characters making appearances. Consider it an interconnected standalone experience.


Book 1
Tropes: Hockey Romance, Slow Burn, Friends to lovers, Rescue Romance.

Get ready for an emotional ride with “Baden” by Sawyer Bennett. Before diving in, the author’s letter sets the tone. The story takes unexpected turns, blending healing, perseverance, and love with professional hockey. Baden, once a victim, finds purpose as a goalie coach in Pittsburgh. There, he meets Sophie, battling PTSD after a traumatic attack. Their friendship evolves into a deep connection, free from typical romance tropes. Bennett crafts a slow-burn tale of resilience and soulmates. While their happy ending seems certain, their journey in Pittsburgh Titans Hockey is just beginning. Brace yourself for a captivating read.

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Book 2
Tropes: Hockey Romance, Siblings best friend, Sports romance, neighbors, Grumpy Sunshine,

“Stone” is refreshing take on hockey romance, challenging stereotypes and delving deep into themes of grief, redemption, and self-discovery. Stone, initially perceived as a jerk, navigates his tumultuous emotions following the loss of his brother, while Harlow emerges as a pillar of strength and support. Their gradual romance exemplifies the transformative power of companionship. Bennett’s poignant storytelling leaves a lasting impression, making “Stone” a standout addition to the Pittsburgh Titans series.

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Book 3
Tropes: Hockey Romance, Instant connection, Sport Romance, Co-workers,

This book is simply amazing! Sawyer Bennett delivers yet another swoon-worthy romance with Gage Heyward as the ultimate good guy, bringing a much-needed lightness to the emotionally charged Pittsburgh Titans series. Jenna finds solace and empowerment in Gage’s steady support, their romance unfolding with a perfect balance of tenderness and strength. Bennett skillfully portrays the evolving dynamics within the Titans, adding depth to the narrative. With its swoony heroes, fierce heroines, and heartwarming team camaraderie, this book is a must-read for hockey romance fans. The Titans Series continues to shine as the best in its genre, with each installment surpassing expectations. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary journey!

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Book 4
Neighbors, Hockey Romance, enemies to lovers, damaged hero, close proximity, Sports Romance, Small town, Meet -cute, Alphahole
In Sawyer Bennett’s Pittsburgh Titan Series, Coen Highsmith’s journey from self-destructive to unexpected hero is truly remarkable. Bennett’s adept handling of emotions and turmoil makes each installment a must-read. The “enemies to lovers” dynamic between Coen and Tillie is compelling, with Tillie’s charm and Coen’s growth adding depth to their relationship. This book stands out as one of the best in the genre, highlighting Bennett’s skill in crafting captivating romances. It’s essential to read the series in order to fully appreciate Coen’s character arc, and even during the off-season, the team dynamics enrich the narrative, ensuring a captivating read from start to finish.
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Book 5
Hockey; Boss/Employee; Single Dad; Billionaire; Friends with Benefits; Jaded Hero
Narrated by Aiden Snow and Maxine Mitchell, this audiobook brings to life the tumultuous romance between Drake McGinn and Brienne Norcross in the gripping Pittsburgh Titans series. Drake, a devoted father with a prickly exterior, and Brienne, a strong-willed woman grieving her brother’s death, share an electric connection that defies expectations. As they navigate their complex relationship, unexpected emotions surface, leading to a showdown with Drake’s troubled past. Snow and Mitchell’s narration captures the essence of the characters, making for an immersive listening experience that keeps getting better with each installment.
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Book 6
Tropes: age gap, hockey romance, meet cute, one night stand, instant attraction,

“Cannon” introduces Cannon West, the NHL’s youngest head coach, joining the Pittsburgh Titans after a season of loss. Paired with determined and independent heroine Ava, their chemistry ignites the pages. Cannon’s evolving character, with his flirty nature and shifting boundaries, reflects relatable dilemmas of growth, while Ava emerges as a standout heroine, determined to carve her own path. Together, they navigate emotional baggage from past relationships while forging a passionate connection. Bennett’s blend of fun, flirty encounters and steamy romance shines through, making “Cannon” a standout in the Pittsburgh Titans series. The audiobook, expertly narrated by Stephen Dexter and Mackenzie Cartwright, enhances the experience, making it a must-listen.

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