Ep 200: Buzzing 5 Star Reads

The 200th episode of Buzzing about Romance! Join hosts Becky and Leah as they celebrate this milestone by sharing some of their and the community’s favorite 5-star reads discovered through the podcast. Get ready for an episode filled with top-notch romance recommendations!

  • Leah joined at Ep 33   
  • Total Episodes 546 with Sunday 547 –   
Authors we recommend the most.  
  • Anna Hackett  
  • Aurora Rose Renyolds  
  • Carrie Ann Ryan  
  • Carrie Elks  
  • Kaylee Ryan  
  • Kennedy Ryan  
  • Lexi Blake  
  • Melanie Harlow  
  • Melissa Foster  
    Natasha Madison 
  • Penny Ried  
  • Sawyer Bennett  
  • Vanessa Vale  
  • Zoe Blake  

During the podcast, we have talked about 537 unique authors  

over 1900 book recs.    

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