Trope Guide to Melissa Foster

Melissa Foster is a prolific writer with an extensive back list and can be intimidating to figure out where to start.

This trope guide to Melissa Foster will help to navigate her small towns that are an eclectic mix of families of all types. The amazing part of romance is stories can be broken down into tropes, so that readers are able to pick and chose where they what to get lost. Each of her stories provides a distinctive trope, with many others laid into the framework of the books. Allow this guide to give insight in where to start, or even where to go next.

The Single Parent: Moms, Dads, and Thrust into Parenthood

Melissa Foster weaves elegant tales of love, family and finding in these stories. There are the single moms, the single dads, and the ones that step up when they need to be the person the kids can count on. Each story shows that it takes a village, even if the character has a handle on life, because parenthood is hard no matter how one becomes a parent.

Friends to Lovers:

Foster creates stories in which life-long friends become more. A chance meeting leads to friendship, which leads to more. A re-meeting of someone from the past leads to friendship and so much more. Each story shows that friendships are started and cultivated in different ways, but that sometimes the friendship is the basis and need for the the relationship to move forward.

Second Chance:

Whether it’s a second chance at love or a second chance for two people to come back together, Melissa Foster engages readers with heartfelt tomes that will pull readers in multiple directions. There is anger and love in each an every story. There is loss, and grief. But above all there is LOVE.

Siblings Best Friend:

To round of this very small smattering, it’s the siblings best friend. Whether it’s a brother’s friend, a sister’s friend or a little bit of both… or siblings friend and best friend as well, Melissa Foster has a little bit of everything. The dynamics created with the relationships between the siblings as well as the friendships give insights into characters true selves.

Hopefully, this trope guide to Melissa Foster will allow books to be found with ease. She has a trope for everyone in her backlist. These are just a few, but it gives you an idea of where to start. She has books that are wide as well as a smattering of Kindle Unlimited options… but also, make sure to check local libraries.

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