Review: Good Vibrations by Kayley Loring

Rating: 5/5  PoP: 48% The Brodie Brothers Book 3

Miles is the oldest and most stoic of the Brodie brothers. He is a single dad to eight year old Macy who aspires to be a musical actress, if only she could actually sing. Three years ago, Miles met Aria Cross and was smitten at first sight. Unfortunately, she is the ex-girlfriend of an up and coming client that he just signed. He refused to cross that line but tortures himself with glismpse of her anyway he can for three years. Until he sees an opportunity to do what he does best, negotiate so everyone wins. Aria is directing the latest production that Macy is trying out for and could use some extra income, a more affordable living space, and some investment in her production. Macy needs voice lessons and a starring role, Aria can provide both of those in exchange for Miles’ investment in her production. No matter that he also has to agree to be in the show, it is worth it. 

The banter in this book is top notch. I love the way Aria does not take any of Miles’ crap and stands up for what she wants. She is trying to be independent doing what she loves even if it is difficult and she could have chosen a more lucrative path to success. Mile is a grump, but not in the sense that he does not want to be happy. It is more like he has forgotten how to be happy. After his divorce, his life became work, Macy, and little else. He wants everything to fit in its box and do as it should. Hence, why Aria is the perfect match for him. Aria does not fit in the typical post child actor box and is not afraid to be forward with him. Aria not only learns how to loosen up Miles, but Macy as well. She sees the potential both of them possess. 

I love the family dynamics in this book between the Brodie brothers and their parents, and Macy and Miles’ relationship. Kayley does such a great job of piecing all the little details together that these characters seem like real people. I also like how mature both Aria and Miles were. Mile is serious and a fixer, but also recognizes that he can overstep at times. He is also super attentive and caring, maybe a bit too much with Macy. Aria is not going to settle for less than what she deserves and holds others accountable without drama. If I could ask for anything more in this book it would be more between Aria and Macy. I feel Aria held a great responsibility for Macy literally finding her voice. This was a great wrap up to the Brodie brothers and I’m happy to have seen their HEAs.