Review: Coen by Sawyer Bennett

Rating: 5/5
Series: Pittsburgh Titans Book 4
Tropes: Neighbors, Hockey Romance, enemies to lovers, damaged hero, close proximity, Sports Romance, Small town, Meet -cute, Alphahole
Pop: 30%

Coen Highsmith is one of those unexpected heroes. I wasn’t sure going into his story. He was pretty self-destructive and damaged.  Could he possibly turn this around and redeem all the destruction he left in his wake…  the answer is HELL YES, HE COULD!  This Pittsburgh Titan Series from Sawyer Bennett just keeps getting better and better.  The emotions and the turmoil that these characters experiences are done with such care and heart that each book is a must read!

Enemies to lovers can be a hard sell for me. I always going into with lower expectations because it is going to take a lot for me to believe that these two really can move past the distaste, they have for one another and find an HEA. 

Tillie is a small town girl. Happy with her life as an artist, pursing what makes her happy. She has learned to navigate what is like to be the odd person out in a small town. She has some amazing BFFs that are there for her to drink cheap wine or bar crawls with tequila shots. These friends are the tried and true that are there for your whole life. I loved everything about Tillie. I loved her confidence and her sass. I loved that she found her joy in the small simple moments.  She could go any where to create her art but instead is fulfilling a dream that is part her and part her parent’s legacy. Tillie is the kind of person you can spill your whole heart to before you realize what you have done. Also, her scheme for vengeance was perfect and I am in awe of her creativity… a nature wonderland!

Coen has more issues than Time Magazine.. like seriously dude is so caught up in his guilt and his head that he can’t see any way to climb out. No matter how many people offer a hand and a way to move forward he is stuck. Coen had a far way to come to terms with what happened to his former team and to move into the present.  Honestly, he needed to do this himself.  So many tired to help but he rejected every chance.  The way in which he rejected really meant he needed to pull up the big boy pants and man up!

When Coen finally does man up he is a whole new person. It takes time this is not an over night revelation, but it did not need to be. It needed to be done in a way that reader knew he was laying the groundwork for a future. 

I am not sure I could love Tillie and Coen more! They are just what each other needs.  Her calm gentle nature and his fierceness seem to balance each other.  To go from screaming to kissing to against a tree (no spoiler but HOT DAMN) these two run the gambit and it is spicy and everything nice.

This book was superb! It was one of the best enemies to lovers romances I read.  I do think this series should be read in order so you get the full scope of where Coen starts and how far he comes in the end.  This is a hockey romance that takes place during the off season, but the reader does get some great team dynamics even off the ice.