Single Moms of Romance

Tropes are a major draw for romance readers. Some tropes draw people in, and they read every single one of them, and others they stay away from. The single moms of romance are one of my favorite tropes, especially when there is a precocious child/children. But there are times when an author sets a stereo type where the mom struggles. Not every single mom is working paycheck to paycheck. Not every single mom doesn’t have a support system. That being said, those books can still be good and well done. But it is good to see a single mom that is capable of everything on her own, and the hero lifts her higher.

What I want in a single mom romance?

A strong character, it doesn’t matter if she is struggling in life, but I want a heroine that has self worth and knows herself. I want her to have the organic struggles of a single parent that comes with the territory, but isn’t created angst/issues. The heroine needs to be able to stand up for herself and to the hero of the story.

I want present kids that are a part of the story. Is it really a single parent story if the kid aren’t a part of the story? I have read books like Mine to Love (you can check out a Quick Shot of Romance here) by Kennedy L Mitchell where the child isn’t a focus in the book, but it makes sense as to why. Or read this review on Blowout by Elise Faber. But I dislike when the kids are treated as an afterthought.

What I don’t want in a single mom romance?

The hero who tries to take over. There is nothing more frustrating when I am reading a book where the hero steam rolls over the heroine because he doesn’t think she is capable of taking care of her and her child/children. I want a hero that supports the heroine in their life, in their choices even if they disagree with them.

Here are some of single mom romances to check out!