Can’t Say Goodbye | Eden Finley

Blindsided is one of my favorite books ever, I adore Talon and Miller and I love that they built a beautiful family.  The way Brady was written it was so amazing to see so many characteristics of both Talon and Miller.  Sometimes second generation books are too crowded. We adore the parents of the main character, but really we aren’t there for them. We are there for the second generation finding love. When I tell you Eden Finley executed this flawlessly I mean it.  Perfection! We got JUST enough of Talon, Miller and the rest of the Fake Boyfriends crew to make us giddy with happiness, but the focus was truly on Brady and his men… it should be! 

Brady is used to being in the public eye.  But he doesn’t love it.  He is looking to be seen and loved for WHO he is, not who he is related to!  I wouldn’t say he is needy, but he enjoys being taken care of.  Brady gives of himself to everyone around him, and he needs to be loved for who he is not who is related to.  I thoroughly enjoyed who saw him and was constantly in his corner.  Even though it was clear that others fully supported him, he needed to be supported outside of his nuclear family.  To say I fell even more in love with Damon is a gross understatement. 

 When one night of passion with two hot Navy Seals turns into everyone wanting more.  Things shift not only for Brady, but for Kit and Prescott.  Instantly, this trio can be who they are.  Kit needs to take care of people, it is how he shows his love.  Prescott allows Kit to take the lead, and falls in line to take care of both Kit and Brady in ways that they both need.  Brady allows Kit and Prescott to care for him, and become the glue that binds them.  This trio can’t stay away from each other, and while they lead busy lives all over the country, they live to the short bursts of time when they can be together.  They have a connection that was clear to readers, and I was instantly cheering for them.  While Kit and Prescott have a lot of history, it in no way hinders the connection that Brady has with them.  I love that Kit and Prescott are fierce, loving men that are their own person.  They are dedicated to their careers, and their relationship.  This trio can be unapologetically themselves with each other, and is beautiful. I adore that Eden gifted us with this trio, and really showed us that not all love stories are the same.  And that sometimes, there isn’t just one person for someone.  This trio wouldn’t be as perfect without one of them. I think this is a must read, and it will go down as one of my top reads of 2023!