A Little Luck by Tia Louise

A Little Luck is an emotional story about friendship, family, and most of all love. Don’t let that description fool you into thinking this book is a sweet romance, though, because there is plenty of steam!

Adam has been in love with Piper since they were teenagers but circumstances prevented them from being together until now. She is his constant. He’s dealt with his past and is ready to go all in with Piper, but she is holding back for reasons that no one knows other than her therapist. My heart broke for her and I was so happy when she finally let everyone in on what happened. The way Adam continued to show up for Piper and Ryan melted my heart. A one bed situation created plenty of opportunity for Adam & Piper to get up close and personal and they took full advantage of it.

There was a little mystery in this one and I thought it was really well done. We also find out who is leaving the signs around town and it is one of my favorite parts.

I’m really enjoying this series and cannot wait for the next book, especially after the teasers in this one.

I highly recommend this book if you enjoy swoony small town romance with a touch of mystery.

*This book contains references to past domestic violence. The author notes this in the beginning of the book.

Book Stats:

Rating: 4.5/5

Series: Be Still (Book 3)

Type of Series: Interconnected Standalones

Tropes: Single Mom, Small Town, Friends to Lovers, One Bed, Close Proximity, He Pines, Who Did This To You?

POV: 1st Person Dual

POP: 27%

Third Act Breakup: Technically, no, but there is a dark moment before they get together

Release Date: December 14, 2023

Availability: Kindle Unlimited

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