Ethan by Samantha Whiskey

This series has been an overall joy to read. I  loved Asher’s story but book 2 was ok. I  was excited to check out Ethan’s story and it did not disappoint.  The camaraderie, humor, and good-natured ribbing among these friends are a joy to experience. Beneath the extravagant stakes, there’s a genuine warmth as they prove to be there for each other when it matters most.   

As far as the storyline and overall feel of this book. I  was worried about the bet set up and falling in love but Ethan is very much honest with Alexandra about the stakes in the bet.  The day after the meet cute when Ethan and Alexandra come face to face and have to confront some professional hurdles.   

Ethan Berkley is thrust into anger management classes following a disruptive incident at his MLB game, prompting doubts about his ability to lead the Charleston Hurricanes. Upon early arrival at his first session, he encounters a familiar face.  

Alexandra Kinder, the woman from the previous night’s poker game and the object of his persistent thoughts. She surprises him by revealing she’s his new life coach. Despite their honest discussions about expectations and emotions, they decide to proceed with the anger management lessons. Despite complications from the past and the establishment of a new professional dynamic, an undeniable bond grows stronger between them.  

Samantha skillfully unfolds Ethan and Alex’s narrative. The candidness shared by the main male and female characters adds a refreshing layer to their chemistry. The unwavering trust between them minimizes internal relationship drama, while external sources provide ample conflict. As the characters develop both professionally and personally, their shared experiences contribute to a captivating love story. This installment, the third in the series, surpasses its predecessors, leaving readers eager to discover whose story unfolds next. 

This book also lacked content warnings of mentions of past abuse suffered by the heroine.

Rating: 3/5
Series: A Billionaire’s Game Novel
Tropes: after-sportsbillionaireclose-proximityco-workersmeet-cutedamaged-herosportsslow-burnopposites
CW: Mention of Past abuse of the heroine
Pop: 58%