Southern Playboy | by Jessica Peterson

While all of Rhett’s brothers are falling in love and getting hitched.  Rhett, he is still enjoying his freedom, partying…lots and lots of partying that goes along with being a part of the NFL team in Las Vegas.  Unexpectedly, he runs into his high school girlfriend, Amelia.  Those old feelings start to bubble up.  And then well, more unexpected news arrives on Rhett’s doorstep….he is a dad.  Lucky for Rhett Amelia is a miracle worker with children and adores them.  Amelia is able to step in and help Rhett transition to his new role of dad.  The pair have this amazing banter and each have a wonderful sense of humor.

Some readers may consider this a slow burn because the pair did an amazing job continuing to build their friendship, but the underlying sexual tension was there and it was pretty amazing.  And when they gave in, boy was it steamy! Peterson did a fabulous job showing us just how deep Amelia and Rhett’s relationship was, but also did not make the characters perfect.  They both had flaws and were working hard on becoming better people.  But like in all relationships, decisions have to be made, often hard decisions and there were times where I was shaking my head.  That all being said, one of my favorite parts of this book is that Rhett is not afraid to show his emotions, he is honest even when it is difficult and he does not shy away from his feelings.  It was refreshing.

It is always a joy to spend time with the Beauregard family.  Each time I read a North Carolina Highland’s book it makes me want to book a one way ticket to the mountains and find myself a Beauregard brother! I love the way this family always rally’s around one another to not only support each other, but also call each other out on the carpet.  Rhett definitely needed that time or two! If you are looking for a family to fall in love with, a beautiful backdrop, with a little bit of sports thrown in then I would HIGHLY recommend this book and series to any contemporary romance fan.  If you are not new to Jessica Peterson you will enjoy the cameo’s from her previous characters, too!  Another amazing edition to this fantastic series, and I cannot wait for Milly’s book!