Hard Pass | Brenda Rothert & Kat Mizera

From the start this has been one of my favorite series.  The first book gutted me and the second book sits on my heart, so I had high hopes for this book. Well friends, this author duo did not disappoint. I thoroughly enjoy each of their hockey series, but together this pair is MAGIC and this series is phenomenal.  

I am a sucker for an adorable meet cute and Nash and Sariah had me giddy from the start.  When Nash and Sariah start texting after a wrong number text they begin to forge a new kind of friendship that has them each catching feelings.  When their real lives cross paths sparks fly there, too. Nash is the hottie on the St. Louis Mavericks.  Literally the hot guy on the team that has his abs everywhere thanks to an ad for underwear.  I love how Nash just wanted someone to love him for him. Not the guy with the abs and the money, but the guy who loves his dogs and watching movies.  I think everyone could relate to Nash; we all want someone to love us for us.  Sariah has been burned by past relationships and she is very slow to trust.  She has a lot of family pressure and additional pressure that she puts on herself to be successful in her life.  When Sariah lands a new job with the local professional hockey team she is instantly successful in her role and quickly begins to make new friends.  

The way Nash and Sariah emotionally connect was so fun to read.  They each opened up to each other in a way they didn’t do for others in their lives.  And their physical connection is even hotter. The physical chemistry is off the charts and so darn hot! But also sweet and realistic. Because Nash and Sariah both work for the team we get a lot of the team dynamics and it is simply amazing because this group of guys and ladies are top notch and have built such a strong support system for each other.  There will be tears, friends and you will want to wrap your arms around these strong men and love them.  And I of course love to watch Wes lead this group of men all while being the best dad and husband around.  If you haven’t dive into this series today.  You will not regret it!