Risky Game’ by Stacey Lynn

“Mixed Emotions: A Review of ‘Risky Game’ by Stacey Lynn”

Risky Game by Stacey Lynn, an age-gap nanny single dad romance set in the Nashville Steele football team’s world, leaves readers with mixed feelings. The story revolves around Logan, the youngest football coach in the NFL, who unexpectedly becomes a full-time parent to his daughter, Amelia. Hiring Ruby Moore, the younger sister of his team, adds a layer of complexity to their lives.

While the book had its commendable moments, the overall experience was just okay. The narrative had its highs, notably in the spicy scenes that added intensity to the plot. However, these moments sometimes bordered on excessive, using passion as a substitute for meaningful conversations between the characters.

One significant drawback was the prevalence of story inconsistencies, which impacted the overall flow. The book suffered from numerous grammar and editing errors, including entire words missing from sentences. It raises the question of whether the book underwent thorough editing. This lack of attention to detail and editing precision detracted from the overall reading experience.

Having read three out of the four books in the series, it’s evident that the stories themselves have potential. However, the persistent editing issues and inconsistencies might deter readers from fully enjoying the series. For those who value a polished reading experience, these flaws may be hard to overlook. As a result, the decision to return for future installments remains uncertain.

Rating: 2.5 Stars
Tropes: Single Dad, Sports Romance, After Sports, Age-Gap, Nanny, Close Proximity, No 3rd act break up, Forbidden
Series: Nashville Steele
Pop: 45%