Review: An Unexpected Chance by M Moreland

Rating:4/5   PoP: 18%      InstaSpark Book 6

Simon Fletcher is focused on making the best life possible for his young daughter, Mia. But as they settle in their new environment, he finds that he might be ready for more with the right person. When he sees Amy McNiel outside their usual gathering at mutual Evan and Holly’s house, he feels an attraction he no longer wants to ignore. As with the other books in the InstaSpark series, their relationship progresses quickly with little internal conflict. 

Simon and Amy both have their reservations about how their relationship will progress, especially having to account for Mia. They have a bit of miscommunication but quickly rectify it and fall into love. These books are great comfort reads with little drama in the couple’s relationship. They are perfect when you do not want to think too much and just see the couple happy and enjoying life. There is a bit of an issue with Simon’s ex-wife but when you realize that Simon’s lawyer is Halston, you know there is no worry. 

I am always impressed with Moreland’s ability to get us to believe in the instant connection between characters. I think this can be difficult to pull off but she does it time and time again. Mia’s character was critical to the storyline but did not eclipse the relationship between Amy and Simon. And it is always fun to see previous favorites make an appearance.