Review: Code Name: Rook by Sawyer Bennett

Cage Murdock is his job.  His training as a Navy Seal was hard but it was work every sacrifice he made and he is good at.  Having left his SEAL days behind, he joined forces with Jameson Security and again he is good at it. 

Cage is not a “forever” type of guy, he is a man of the moment.  He is failing at recovering from the a lie he told when he meets Jaime Dolan. At the bar one night after a mission he see Jamie and thinks it will just be that night.  But he is asking her number and planning date after date with her. By the time he realizes Jaime could be the one he has to figure out how to explain who he is and what he does. But lies have a way of complicated things. 

Jaime Dolan just wanted a night out with the girls to blow off some steam. The last thing she expected was to approach the sexy guy at the bar and end up bringing her home with him; and she definitely never expected him to ask for her number the next morning. Not how one-night-stands work, but she gives used car salesman, Cage Murdock, her number and so the big fall begins between the two of them.

While Rook is primarily about Cage trying to reveal his lie to Jaime without losing her, it still has that aspect of mystery we have come to love from the Security Force books.  Jaime’s older brother Brian who can’t seem to get his life together and ultimately puts Jaime’s life in danger.

We meet Cage Murdock in Hacker’s Story, but we get to kind of know him more and his struggles in Ghost.  He’s that guy in the series that you want to know his story.  You want to know all the things about him. Cage is that good-natured fun- loving guy that you can easily see as a brother. 

Ghost and Rook happen simultaneously so there’s some storyline overlap. One storyline doesn’t take away from the other. What I really liked was how some of the scenes that happened between Cage and Anna or Cage and Malik that happened in Ghost popped up again in Rook and we got to see it from Cage’s perspective. It makes you fall even more in love with Anna and Malik. 

This can be read as a standalone but I high encourage you to read the series.  It is so worth this.  This is a 5/5 read for me.  I love the mystery, the love and the strong alpha males of this story.