Review: Doctor Untouchable by J Saman

Rating: 3/5
Series: Boston Billionaire Bachelors Series #5
Series Type: Series of Standalones
Tropes: Age Gap, Family Series, Billionaire, Enemies to Lovers, Second Chance Connections, Pierced Hero, Opposites Attract
PoP: 53%
CW: Fatphobia

Doctor Untouchable is book 5 in the Boston Billionaire Bachelors Series.  This series has been amazing, each book has been so engaging and enjoyable.  This story starts off with a fantastic Meet Cute.

Bianca is a mess! Finding out her fiancé has been cheating on her with her cousin the day of her wedding. Fleeing the Wedding to hop in a stranger’s car that almost hits you.  Bianca is also one of the feistiest and fiercest characters I have read and a very long time.  Her determination and fearlessness to pursue her joy was amazing. Her meet with Octavia Abbot Fritz was perfect, which goes to show just how mother’s intuition is typically spot on.

We come to book 5 not knowing much about Kaplan Abbot-Fritz. Unlike his siblings he keeps to himself. He is very much an enigma, at times even to his family.  Kaplan is a pediatric Heart Surgeon. He is the eldest of the 6 Abbot Fritz children. He is the child who will carry the legacy of the family.  He wears the legacy like a yoke on his shoulders weighing him down. Because of the place within the family, he has all but stopped looking for a true relationship. When he does “date” it just for appearance’s sake in more ways than one.  Part of Kaplan’s Legacy is coming into play as the book starts. His mother is retiring as the CEO and head of the Board of her Family’s Foundation, it is time for Kaplan to step in and take on the responsibility as the eldest of the Family.  

The introspection of Kaplan helps us see how this responsibility weighs on him. He also breaks your heart some. He is absolutely the guy who is lonely in the crowded room. He has built his walls so that he is bullet proof. That what truly makes him happy always seems to be outside his reach. I did not think that Kaplan was a grump so much so that he was an asshole. He was so mean to Bianca and I am not sure he redeemed himself.

Bianca and Kaplan have so much chemistry and pull between them. Their banter and fighting just added to tension of their attraction. The circle around their attraction for some time and once they take that step it is explosive.  Kaplan was hiding some big swoon and sexy behind his walls and it was just what Bianca needed. 

Bianca is portrayed as a “Curvy” heroine.  The author does not come out and call her fat or plus size, I am not sure the character is.   She talks about her large breast, soft belly, thick thighs, and an ass. Of course, Bianca’s mother must share her fatphobia, which personally just once I wish it wasn’t always the mother.  “The Fat Rep” in this book was ok there are a couple of things I would have liked to have seen done differently. 

Overall, this was an ok read.  Bianca steals the show and the pages she is one. I wish Kaplan had shown a little more growth.  In the end he did open himself up to Bianca sort of, but I am not sure he really let the others in.  I wanted to see more of heart and his passion or to claim some time and space for himself away from the responsibility.  In the previous books of this series, we got interaction between the siblings, more than just a phone call here or there.  In this book we really did not get as much.  I did feel like that family dynamic was a missing piece in this book. Also Bianca and Kaplan’s past connection.