Rating 3.5 /5
Steam 3.5/5
Trope: Small town, friends to lovers, family series,
Series: Book 8 in The Braden & Montgomerys: Pleasant Hill – Oak Falls Series

Sweet, Sexy Heart is the 8th stand alone in The Braden & Montgomerys: Pleasant Hill – Oak Falls Series. This is a story of love, close families, tight friendships, and a happily ever after

Amber Montgomery lives a serene life with her seizure response dog Reno. The last thing she thinks she needs in her life is to be involved retired football player turned author, Dash Pennington. Dash feels a glimmer when he first lays eyes on Amber. Dash lays it all on the line for her give him a chance. Dash lives a big loud life. The life Amber has built to hold her epilepsy seizures at bay  is the opposite. She does all she can to fly under the radar. When her seizures start interfering with Dash’s schedule, she feels like a burden while that’s the furthest thing on his mind.

I am new to Melissa Foster and have not yet read any of the books in this series.

Amber is very much a quiet thoughtful wallflower.  She wants to just keep things simple and easy.  She is a kind and truly unexpected character. Her hopeless romanticism comes pouring off the pages.  

Dash is a different bug all together. I wanted to like him, but he came of cheesy.  Overall a bit too much! Too charming and a little too good to be true.  Because of this Dash feels unrelatable. I wanted to take him out and roll him in some mud and rough him up a bit

If you like a very low angst, high steam romance novel and don’t mind a very cheesy hero you would enjoy this series.  It can be read as a standalone, but I do wonder if I missing some nuances about Amber from previous stories.  It is also confusing to jump into Foster’s stories at time because there is a interconnection between character across multiple series.  It is a lot of names to keep track of.