Ancient History | AJ Truman

AJ Truman has been teasing his fans with this series for a while, and I was so anxious to get my hands on this book.  Especially after meeting Amos in his previous series.  I went into this book very protective of Amos, so Hutch was going to have work to earn trust from me, and Amos. I felt so deeply for Amos.  You could feel the heartbreak that he endured. Their first interaction when Hutch is back in town was just so great! Amos’ friend group cracks me up so much, and their text conversations were a highlight for me in this book.  

Hutch is back in his hometown to help his dad after his career as a professional soccer player didn’t end the way he wanted.  I love the nostalgia that Truman incorporated into Hutch’s life.  He really brought his old high school life.  And the relationship that he has with his dad is really beautiful.  I love their conversations and the way his dad pushes him to have a life, and express his feelings.  Pop is an amazing side character and I hope we get to see more of him in the series! 

As the pair began to repair their fractured relationship I really liked how they formed a friendship that morphed into more.  It all felt very natural, and not all rushed.  It was clear that there were hurt feelings on both sides, and there was care taken with those.  And let me tell you, Amos and Hutch have some serious chemistry.  But not just sexual they have a great banter and I laughed A LOT during this book, which is always a huge bonus in my eyes! 

Boy oh boy, AJ Truman did such an amazing job allowing readers to truly FEEL through Amos and Hutch. In general, I am not a big fan of second chance romances, but this was done so beautifully.  If you are looking for a new series filled with small town love, witty characters, and lots of heart this series is one I will highly recommend to anyone that will listen.