Second Shot with #76 | Piper Rayne

After an eipic vacation, Cory and Ande fly back to their respective homes.  Cory is struggling to get Ande out of his head and reaches out.  But he doesn’t hear from Ande again.  He is reeling, and really felt like they had something special.  After a chance encounter in a grocery store of all places, Cory realizes they are actually living in the same town.  The pair start a friendship, until Cory realizes that they are both single.  Given Ande’s past, she is really slow to trust.  And Cory is facing some heat for being a bit of a player off the ice.  I really liked how Cory didn’t push Ande.  He was okay with taking things slow.  This man, he is major book boyfriend material, friends.  Cory has a great relationship with his parents, but there is a lot of pressure on him being one of the few African American players in the league.  I REALLY appreciated how he took that so seriously, and he was always so gracious with his young fans.  This man has a heart of gold.  Ande is quiet and shy.  She recently moved to Florida and is starting a new life and finding her footing.  She quickly became friends with ladies, but her past holds her back from jumping all in.  When Ande’s sister comes to town and throws a wrench in her life.  

Cory and Ande were put in each others lives to teach each of them a lesson.  One that love does conquer all and that everyone deserves forgiveness and second chances. 

The sneaks of Ford and Warner that Piper Rayne gave us had me squealing like a crazy fan.  These two are so funny and their banter is on point!   They also gave us JUST enough of Kane to have us counting down the days for his book (5/31/22).  If you are new to the Florida Fury, you are going to want to go back and read them all, because they are so great.