Review: Code Name Revenge by Sawyer Bennett

Rating: 5/5
series: Jameson Security Force Book 9
Tropes: Protector Romance, Friends to lovers, Single Mom, Romantic Suspense
PoP: 47%

Long time love and pining, a perfectly done friends to lovers romance. 

Dozer and Jessica have been in love with each other since college. Things for these two just never lined up.  Now Dozer must rush to Miami to stop this escaped Russian mobster from killing the love of his life and her daughter.

I have been waiting for seems like forever for Dozer’s Story.  He has been a long time favorite of mine since starting the series. 

Dozer has always been in love with Jessica. Things are starting to feel like it might be the right time for him to tell Jessica about his feelings for her but first they need to stay alive.   Dozer is the kind of guy you want to have his HEA. He is strong and protective.  He cares with every ounce of his being.  He is such a great Character. The pieces with Dozer’s dad were gold, I love him. He was such a great bonus character.   

Code Name Revenge should be the standard for Romantic Suspense.  It is the perfect balance of romance, intrigue plus the bonus of a cute kid and support team.   It is fast paced regarding the overall plot with a complete story and fantastic HEA. This is book 9 in the series but can absolutely be read as a standalone.