Review: One for the Money by Skye Warren

Rating: 5/5
Series: Midnight Dynasty
Series Type: Trilogy- ends on Cliffhanger
Tropes: Billionaire, Kink, Fake Relationship, Secrets
Pop: 40% (Make out) 56% (Intercourse)

People! We are finally getting Eva Morelli’s story!  I am so here for it.  So far ever book in the Midnight Dynasty has been fantastic.  I love this warring families and the ultra-elite world of Bishop’s Landing.

I am cautious going into them worried about story and character consistency since it is a multi-author shared world.  Every time I read one it is that first gasp of clean air. They are so good. The story lines all work and are tangled in delicate knots that are stronger than you ever realized.  Eva Morelli is a character I have wanted so badly since I read the Beast of Bishop Landing trilogy. 

Eva is the family fixer. For her whole life she is the peace maker and problem solver.  She runs the Family Foundation, which is a full time job. She is basically her mother’s full time party planner. Eva is also the person everyone in the family runs to in crisis.  While is everything for everyone, she doesn’t have someone who is everything and always for herself.  While surrounded by family and has a purpose no one is her caretaker, no one is there to comfort her when she needs it.  Eva’s heart was shattered by an affair that truly left her even more isolated and lonely. Her escape is the condo left to her by an eccentric aunt. Full of color and life and escape from the demands of her family. 

Finn Hughes a playboy and philanderer to the outside world is truly imprisoned by a curse and family expectations.  To everyone else Finn lives his life in the moment never setting down roots are looking at tomorrow. The man who is desired because of looks and prestige but can not be caught. 

These two set off on the journey of a fake relationship but soon realize their connection is so much deeper than they could ever imagine. 

I love this book and I am desperate for the next. I need these two to have their HEA. I need them to have that true soul binding love. If ever two people deserved it they do. They need to be each other’s stars in the sky to guide them. The love these two deserve needs to be BIG and consuming.  I had so many moments in this book where I wanted to cry for them but also hug them to know they are not alone. The feelings this story invokes will leave you desperate for the next.

I love the way that Skye Warren weaves a story and every time she leaves us on a cliffhanger you have are desperate for the next book. The way she crafts a story line and moves it forward with characters that are a part of you is simply magical. I highly recommend this book and can not wait for part 2!