The Hookup Mix up | Riley Hart

I am pretty sure if you look up Golden Retriever Energy in a romance dictionary you would 100% find Theo Bassett’s picture there!  Theo might actually be the sweetest, kindest character I have read in a while.  Theo loves so much, so hard and just wants to make sure those around him are happy and sometimes this pressure is too much.  

Perry sure likes to play that he doesn’t have a giant heart of gold but man does he ever.  He is always thinking about others feelings and ways to make others’ day or lives a little easier.  Perry has a lot going on and he is really wrestling with himself on some major decisions, but what he does know is that he wants to continue to build a relationship with his brother, and he is not interested in a relationship.  

When Theo literally lands in Perry’s lap the hilarity that ensues is amazing, and the banter from the get go was top notch! Their friendship and tension blossom and watching these two morph from a friendship to more was really perfect.  It was clear to readers that these two had amazing chemistry and genuinely loved the other.  And the steamy, friends Riley really delivered on this as well … .and it also included lots of humor and fun awkwardness that is so real to life! One of the things that I appreciated the most about this book is the level of support that the characters received, both Theo and Perry have very supportive and loving families and friends.  They want both of them to find love and be loved. If you love a golden retriever hero, a friends with benefits, a book with amazing banter, sprinkled with humor and so much heart this book definitely needs to be on your TBR list! I also love how these authors are sprinkling in characters from the FU series past and present….keep this collab coming because it has quickly become a favorite of mine!

Book Details:

  • Rating: 4.5
  • POV: first person, dual POV
  • POP: 66%
  • Series: Franklin U series season #2
  • Type of Series: Interconnected standalone & author collab
  • Tropes: bi-awakening, friends with benefits, first times, friends to lovers, golden retriever energy, dirty talker
  • Release Date: 6/7/24
  • Available on Kindle Unlimited