Craving Chaos | Jill Ramsower

Jill Ramsower has quickly become one of my go-to mafia authors, so when the Moretti series was announced I was ecstatic!  This was definitely unlike any other mafia book that I have read before!  I think one of the major reasons is because Shae Byrne is unlike most mafia heroines! Shae definitely can hold her own and has worked hard for years to earn the respect of the men not only in her family and the mafia circle as a whole. Shae loves to challenge her brothers and cousins, has some amazing comebacks and is just plain a badass! And the tension that she has with Renzo Donati is epic!  Renzo recently took over as head of the Italian mafia and to say there is a lot going on is a huge understatement.   He has some serious house cleaning to do and several men to keep in line.  But there is something about Shae that he cannot shake!
When the pair end up in a precarious situation they work as a team- and I really loved how Renzo let Shae do her thing! I personally enjoyed that so much of the book was really focused on Renzo and Shae, and them building their connection and bond with one another.  They both had to learn to open up and let someone in emotionally, being stranded allowed them that time. And let’s talk about the tension and chemistry between Renzo and Shae …good gravy these two! The twists and turns that Ramsower took readers on was amazing, I was so engrossed in the book I devoured it in a day!   If you love romantic suspense but have never really given the mafia a chance this book should definitely be on your radar! Renzo is a strong alpha male but knows when to stand back and let Shae shine …and Shae absolutely shines when Renzo is near he is unquestionably the calm to her chaos! 

Book Details:

  • Rating: 4.5 stars
  • POV: first person, dual POV
  • POP: 89%
  • Series: Moretti Malice 
  • Type of Series: Interconnected Series
  • Tropes: Rivals to lovers, forced proximity, mafia romance, family series, dark romanceRelease Date: 6/12/24
  • Available on Kindle Unlimited