QSR: At the Pleasure of the President  by Lexi Blake and Shayla Black

On This episode of a Quick Shot of Romance Leah and Becky review of the final book of the Perfect Gentlemen Series, At the Pleasure of the President  by Lexi Blake and Shayla Black. This is book 5 in the Perfect Gentlemen Series.   

If you have not listened to episode on Scandal Never SleepsSeduction in SessionBig Easy Temptation and Smoke and Sin  you will want to go back and listen to those. 

The Perfect Gentlemen Series is a  5 book series with an overarching storyline.  This review will discuss book 5 only.  This episode will contain spoilers for the whole series.  

Synopsis:  From Goodreads  

The thrilling conclusion of the twisting, page-turning Perfect Gentlemen series! 
When a dangerous conspiracy threatens to tear them apart, he’ll have to choose between his country and the woman he loves… 
Decades ago, ambitious Zack Hayes set his sights on the White House. He’s worked his whole life to become the leader of the free world—attending the right schools, marrying the perfect bride—all to aid his campaign. He didn’t realize someone behind the scenes has been pulling the strings to manipulate Zack and the country he loves into a dangerous position—one he will risk his life to wrench free from. The one thing he can’t risk is Elizabeth Matthews. 
From the moment she met Zack Hayes, Liz felt the connection. Serving as his campaign manager and then his press secretary, she accepted that her love for him would remain unrequited. Still, she’d thought they were friends, so when he pushed her aside, she felt the stab in her heart. And when she realizes he’s done it to protect her, nothing will stop Liz from standing by his side—not even the men who would use her as a weapon against him. 
As shocking secrets are revealed, Zack and Liz find succor and passion in each other’s arms. When the ultimate villain shows his face, Zack may have to choose between his country and the woman he loves… 

Release Date: April 9, 2019 
Trope: second chance, suspense, close/forced proximity, pining hero  
Series Name: The Perfect Gentlemen 
Interconnected Overarching storyline.   
Put out percentage: 29%  
Audio narrators if you did the audio book: Greg Boudreaux 

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