The Cleaner | Renee Rose

This series continues to impress me with each book in the Chicago Bratva series. I really think it keeps getting better and better. Adrian is set on revenge.  Someone hurt his sister in unimaginable ways, and they will pay.  To say this vendetta has consumed Adrian is an understatement.  One of the things that I have appreciated about Adrain in previous books is his love and dedication to his sister, Nadia.  It is clear that he will do whatever necessary to ensure those that hurt her will pay the ultimate price.  When he finds out his enemy has a daughter he sets his plan into motion. 
Kateryna (Kat) Poval is the daughter of a crime boss.  As you can imagine her life has not always been easy, but since being relegated to England for school she has led a fairly quiet party life. Much to her detriment she easily trusts, and is really lonely. Kat is searching for herself. 

From the first sentence of the book I was hooked! I read this book in one sitting.  And I was so sad when it was over. Kat challenges Adrian and Adrian challenges Kat in all the best ways.  This pair have a connection from the start, as much as Adrian tries to deny it.  He is drawn to this woman.  And the chemistry is off the charts.  Renee Rose can write a steamy scene, and she did not disappoint in this book.  Adrian and Kat have this beautiful back and forth when they are intimate and friends, I was here for it.  I feel like I say this each time, but this might be my favorite.  I love how much they each grew and matured and made sacrifices for their love.  Adrian was fiercely protective of Kat, and I love how much Kat trusted Adrian.  I so enjoy watching tough Bratva men fall for strong resilient women.  This crew of men are some of my favorite mafia men to read. I love the family that they have created and how they have each other’s backs.  I am looking forward to the next book in the series!