Review: Hidden Waters by Catherine Cowles

Rating: 5/5
Series: Tattered and Torn book 3
Series Type: Series of Standalones
Tropes: Romantic Suspense, Small Town, age-gap, Love after Trauma, Roommates, Close Proximity,
Pop: 58%

Hidden Waters is book three in the Tattered & Torn series by Catherine Cowles.

Adaline “Addie” Kemper grew up in an extremist prepper cult.  It was an incredibly abusive environment.  Allen Kemper, (Addie’s father)  was the leader and his wife and daughter were  his property. Addie lived in a world where physical and mental abuse were everyday occurrences. Addie walked away from horrible situation with the help of her cousin Evie.   Addie is trying to heal and forge a new life in a world she does not quite understand.   Determined and trying she is so incredibly courageous; she is not without fear, but she is not allowing it to define her.   

Beckett Easton is returning home after years working for an organization that provides medical help to people in remote areas.  Beckett has never forgiven himself for leaving his family years ago after the kidnapping and return of his sister. Beckett is not with out his own issues.  He has seen and experienced a lot in his time away.  

To help ease Beckett back into life in Wolf Gap with out the constant watch of his mom, Hayes and Evie offer to let him be roommates with Addie in Haye’s old house. 

Beckett and Addie have more in common then they realize but also an attraction that baffles them both.  Together they found peace in this.  I loved that Beckett realized that Addie sometimes needs the quiet and to work through her emotions. He did not push her. He was patience and gave her the quiet and space she needed.  Beckett did not try to over take her and push.  In this story it is about finding the power of someone that understands you. That you can trust when that is the hardest thing to give. 

 I think I say this every time after I read one of the authors books that these characters are my favorite but I mean it this time.  Addie’s quiet strength along with Becketts understanding of her needs made me love them both so much.  Addie never stops trying. She is always pushing herself. She has a selflessness that defies her upbringing and makes you want to champion her. 

It has been day since I read this book and I am still not over it. I am still thinking about Addie and Beckett.  I want to dive right back in and experience this relationship all over again as it blooms into one of the most epic of love stories. 

This story can be read as a standalone but honestly go back and read the series from book one. Never has a family and town needed more HEA’s than Wolf Gap. I am obsessed with this series, and I cannot wait for the world to read it. 

I had the privilege of the ALC (Advance Listener Copy). The audiobook is done by two amazing Narrators Ava Erickson and Sebastian York. (Who I have the BIGGEST audiobook obsession with).