Daddy’s Angel by K.A. Knight

When Lexi meet his dad’s boyfriend, she know she is in trouble. Tyler is a sexy and charming silver fox who awaken every desires she didn’t know she has. Once she find out her boyfriend cheated on her she decided to act on the attraction she felt for his dad.   But one steamy night lead to so much more; their connection is more than just physical.

Their love is twisted, dark, and painfully beautiful but when life gets in the way, they’ll have to find the strength to be together.

Tyler is the kind of man every woman deserve: charming, hot, smart, caring, possessive (in a good way), dominant, funny, sweet. He worship Lexi  but man can he bring the passion to the bed.
And gosh those scene are a bonfire on a hot hot night. 

Lexi is a beautiful girl, inside and outside, but she doesn’t know how much she is worth. No one should be afraid or ashamed of their desires. Lexi embraces her sexy. 

The story is easy-to-read and it’s not just an erotic romance…. it is a steamy read it does take time to get to their HEA.  Some of the pieces in the middle were a little hard for me.  I found that it took the story in a very dark direction I wasn’t prepared for.  I liked the steam, the age gap, the relationship between Lexi and Tyler…  but this conflict and it’s resolution just took some of the like out of the story. This was a 3.5 star for me.