Hero Unbound by Janie Crouch

hero unbound cover

POV: 3rd Person Multi
Pop: 44%
Tropes: Damaged Hero; Protector; Small Town; Heroine on the Run; Fluff in Charge; Second Generation
Series: Heroes of Oak Creek
Type of Series: Series of Interconnected Standalones
Rate:  4/5 Stars
Release Date: August 1st, 2023
Where: At time of Review… can be found in Kindle Unlimited
Is there a 3rd act break up: Yes, in a way

I am always nervous about a second generation attempt of a series I love.

Hero Unbound showed me my nervousness was unfounded. Janie Crouch brings us back to Oak Creek with a bang and TONS of emotional baggage. This new series starts with the story of Theo Lindstrom and Eva Dempsey. IT has be a while since I have read Eva’s parents story, but I did a re-read recently of Theo’s. That being said. You no not need to read the original series to know and understand the way in which the Linear Tactical family works. Crouch introduces these characters as well as the OG’s backstories in a way that isn’t over bearing but exceptionally thoughtful.

Eva Dempsey is on the run, and ends up in one of the few places where she knows she will be safe.

Eva is a character that I wasn’t so sure about. There were moments when I thought, oh my I don’t think I like her. But as her character arc moves through the book, you realize that she was a product of her environment. For years, this woman lived a life that held her captive and your heart breaks for her as the story progresses. Eva is so lost in herself at times, but you get insight into why and where those feelings come from. Theo is a protector thru and thru. And while he doesn’t always trust his gut, he has those around him to set him straight.

Hero Unbound was a great re-introduction to Oak Creek.

I loved being back and getting to revisit this town. We got some visits from the originals, but more so these kids are the epitome of their parents. I am excited to see where Crouch takes us next.

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