The O Zone by Kelly Jamieson

Rating: 5/5
Series: Bears Hockey II (Book 4)
Trope: Hockey Romance, Fake Relationship, forbidden romance, One Bed.
PoP 41%

The O Zone was a part fake relationship, part forbidden romance.  There are so many outside forces at play that are defining this relationship.  It was an unexpectedly emotional for me. 

Owen Cooke is the book guy of the NYC Bears Hockey Team. He is a rule follower.  He is very focused on his job as a hockey player nothing and no one can move him from his goal of being the best. But he isn’t cocky. He isn’t overly confident in his skills.  He is constantly striving to be better to do more. It is almost an obsession for him. I really liked Owen.  He is kind of dense and lacks self-awareness, but he is swoony and thoughtful.  He is also a truly good guy, agreeing to go with a stranger to a party was sweet. Owen’s evolution of character and his self-realization was perfect.

Emerie is one of those characters that grows on you. She is young, and her whole life has been dedicated to taking care of her younger sister. She has lost both her parents and is very much alone in the world.  While she feels this huge need to care for her sister, she does not have a lot of worldly experience and because of that comes off as immature at times.  Emerie has a passion for music but isn’t planning for a future in it. In this time in her life, she is happy busking in the subways and taking care of her sister. 

The relationship between these two was unexpected it was sweet and romantic.  It felt natural and not forced. They flirted in a way that was awkward but perfect for them. I just really loved it.
This book had everything I want from a hockey romance.  There was a lot of team dynamic.  You see glimpses of past Bears Players and their significant others.  Emerie and Owen’s journey to their HEA was not smooth, both has to do some growing to get there. The unexpected emotions of watching these two realize that belong together was perfect. 

I can not recommend this book enough.  It was such an expected delight.  I always enjoy Kelly Jamieson’s romance but this felt new and fresh. The emotions of the story and the characters journey was so well done.  This is an absolute MUST READ!