Game Changer | Stacey Lynn

Lizzie and Garrett were long time friends and off and on again friends with benefits.  When Garrett admits he is looking for more, Lizzie bolts and Garrett is traded to Las Vegas.  When Lizzie finds two pink lines she knows the she needs to talk to Garrett but needs to find the courage.  

This was my first Stacey Lynn book, and it will not be my last! I fell hard for Garrett and Lizzie!  I really enjoyed the connection that the pair had and Lynn did an amazing job of demonstrating that they were definitely friends before they were lovers.  While both of them are successful in their own right, I really appreciated how Garrett always encouraged Lizzie and supported her as a professional.  In turn, Lizzie understood the role that hockey played for Garrett, especially his teammates.  While Garrett and Lizzie may have already had feelings for each other and a deep connection before we met them in this book, I felt like this pair really grew in this book and I didn’t feel like we missed out, because the journey they are on now is the pairs forever. 
We have to talk about the side characters in this story as well.  Both Lizzie and Garrett have amazing and supportive families and I loved every interaction with the mall.  And of course, his Vegas team quickly becomes the family away from their family that they both needed.  

Sometimes accidental pregnancies can be difficult, but the way these two navigated it was perfect.  They were mature and adults about it, and knew compromise was going to be a given and worked together to get to that point.  While this was my first Stacey Lynn book it definitely will not be my last, and I am eagerly anticipating book #2 in this series!